May 15 Humor

 # I wanted to look especially nice as I walked my kindergarten son to his first day of school. My younger sister lived with us at the time and she had some hipper clothes than I did, so even though we had promised not to wear each other’s clothes I sneaked into her room while she slept and pulled out a pair of shorts and a brightly colored top. The trip to school went fine, but my sister was awake when I got back and I awkwardly made conversation about kindergarten knowing I was in her forbidden clothes. It seemed to be going well until she asked, “How did Jason’s teacher like my pajama’s?”

 * On a flight across the country the young man in the seat next to me kept pushing the stewardess call button instead of turning the reading light on and off. After the first couple of times the stewardess had to come to see what he wanted, he apologized and explained that the drawing on the button of the light bulb and the stewardess looked alike to him. She told him, “If you cannot tell  the difference between a light bulb and a stewardess someday you will be in for a real shock.”

 * One of the flight attendants had a cute way to announce the food distribution in flight. “Today we will serving you breakfast in your seats. You will be getting a cheese omelets which may be used as a flotation device in the event of a water landing.”