3D Cat in a rice paddy

Tanyapong Jaikham is a rice farmer in Thailand. More than that, he is a visionary entrepreneur. Thailand is the world’s second biggest exporter of rice after India. Since Thailand aims to ship 8.5 million metric tons this year, there are lots of profitable farms around. Tanyapong has invented a way to make his farm a tourist attraction. Along with rice it seems that Thai’s really love cats. So Tanyapong created a way to make a picture of a sleeping cat grow in his big rice pond. A sleeping cat hugs a fish in a picture seen from the air, picked out in sprouting rainbow colored seedlings in his rice field to illustrate a traditional proverb about abundance. Farmer Tanyapong’s team of workers planted the seedlings at various spots in the field in the northern province of Chiang Rai to depict cartoon cats, hoping to lure tourists and cat lovers. “We’re expecting tens of thousands to come and see the art in the rice fields,” he said. The process relies on GPS coordinates to position the seedlings as designated in an initial artist’s sketch, he said, with the plants changing tint as they grow. “It’s crucial to position them accurately, and the rice will gradually change shades over time,” he added, until in the final harvest stage, the rice straw yields the portrait of “Cooper,” the cat on which it was modelled.

Viewing towers are being built in the surrounding area to give visitors a glimpse of the artwork, which is based on a Thai saying, “There is fish in the water and rice in the fields.” Young people wanting to learn more about the interaction of art and technology could also benefit from visiting the site, Tanyapong said. You can see a brief video of the site below.  “Previously, rice was mainly considered for consumption,” he said. “This approach allows us to develop tourism and agriculture simultaneously.” He worked with an artist who is also the owner of Cooper (the cat) to create a sketch of the sleeping cat. Then, he and around 200 helpers using a drone and GPS, “drew” the cat sleeping and holding a fish on the paddy field.

Tanyapong and his crew largely planted these colors by hand, which is painstaking detailed work. In America we have three of the biggest corn mazes that are similarly designed in advance and then planted by GPS coordinates in our case on plowed fields with GPS guided seeding machines. There are links below for the farm parks and corn mazes that cover 28, 35 and 100 acres with sub-mazes that range from one mile to 3.7 miles in length. If you like to get lost in 7 foot stalks: each farm park has maps, viewing towers and even rescue rangers to make sure no one is left lost in the maze at sundown. They also have playgrounds, food trucks and souvenir stores.

The rice is nice

What is the plural form of rice?
Answer: Extra rice

Recently, a beauty company added rice as an ingredient for their beauty masks.
The reason being is that when the mask is done, it’s easier to Pilaf.

It all starts innocently, mixing chocolate and Rice Krispies, but before you know it you’re adding raisins and marshmallows…it’s a rocky road.

Just opened a Christmas card and rice fell out. Must be from my Uncle Ben.

Why does some sushi have the rice on the inside of the seaweed wrap?
That’s just how it rolls.

December 19th Birthdays

1972 – Rosa Blasi, 1963 – Jennifer Beals, 1981 – Maria Sokoloff, 1972 – Alyssa Milano

1980 – Jake Gyllenhaal,  1944 – Richard Leakey, 1991 – Keinan Lonsdale, 1989 – Alex Sanchez

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