A little help from my friend

Sherpas are the natives of the Himalayas, filled with tenacity, bravery and love for nature. That is because as they grow up, they learn how to treat nature and the dangers it possesses. From a young age, they have to contend with being in the “eye of the tiger” when it comes to the nature around them. All of this leads to the creation of a soul that respects and enjoys nature, no matter what it brings with it. It was in full display when master mountaineer Gesman Tamang was rescuing a comrade who fell while climbing. Both of the Sherpas were climbing part of mount Everest at about 20,000 feet when one of the team fell into a crevice that was a splitting the glacier. Mountain glaciers are always moving and the surface even is not the same as the snow packed on top. The partner fell through the snow above and amazingly slid between the walls of ice coming to a livable stop as the walls got to close together for him to slide through. He called for help and Gesman, our hero, organized a descent to his partner with the rest of the team holding by ropes above.

In the video below Gesman is shown in the crevasse, on the slopes of Everest trying to save another mountaineer. In order to get the mountaineer out, Gesman was shoveling snow so that the man could free himself from the trap. Both of them had harnesses and oxygen masks attached to them so that the moment Tamang could get the climber out, both of them could be pulled back up. The whole task is not easy, as the space is so small along with other factors, like extreme cold. During the predicament is the way Gesman is reacting to the situation. This position is dangerous not only for the trapped man but also for Tamang who at any time can come under the glaciers. Nobody knows it better than him, and yet he is jovial. Both the fallen comrade and the Gesman during the rescue effort are heard teasing and laughing at each other. They are embracing nature with both its good and bad.

Gesman gave an update about the rescue effort. He wrote, “It’s a miracle that this man survived falling into a crevasse like this. Luckily, our timely response and teamwork made it possible to get him out safely.” In the post, he also credited the trapped man for the success, “His strength and resilience played a significant role in his survival.”

Mountain of chuckles

Mountain climbers do so much climbing,
Don’t they Everest?

Father: “Son, you shall follow in my footsteps of escorting climbers up Mt Everest.”
Son: “Sher pa.”

Two mountaineers pass a crevasse during a mountain tour.
One climber says to the other: “My travel guide fell into this crevasse last year.”
The other mountaineer says: “And didn’t that really depress you?”
The mountaineer replies: “No, he was already very old anyway, and besides some pages were missing!”

The reason I climb mountains is because they are there.
That is the reason everyone else goes around them. 

October 10th Birthdays

1989 – Rose Mc Iver, 1978 – Andrea Navedo, 1990 – Aimee Teegarden, 1950 – Nora Roberts

1970 – Dale Earnhart, Jr. 1983 – Dan Stevens, 1969 – Brett Favre,  1955 – David Lee Roth

Morning Motivator:

Obstacles can’t stop you. Problems can’t stop you.
Most of all, other people can’t stop you. Only you can stop you.

Smile it was only 200 feet: