A whole world of Lego’s

Many parents think of Lego’s as wonderful creative toy for their youngsters and as foot mines when they walk through the house. But Lego’s are big, big business and it is not just for youngsters to put the do-it-yourself projects together. Lego is based in Denmark and has worldwide assets of over $2 trillion. That includes toys and tires and several other product lines. The Lego company has made 16 billion bricks since 1958. Last Christmas season: 7 Lego toy sets were sold every second.

With all that popularity they have a great following and there is competition for the latest and greatest sets around the world. This includes criminals who can be pretty highly motivated. Recently two thieves stole a Lego set from a store in Vallejo, CA that retailed for $900. Police were alerted and found the car and the perps. A chase ensued and the alleged thief bailed from the passenger door while the car was going about 50 mph. The pursuit continued until the driver lost control and slammed int a concrete retaining wall. Both suspects were injured and hospitalized. There was no word if the Lego set was recovered. The driver admitted he has been making a living stealing and reselling Lego sets.

Along with popularity comes responsibility and LEO is constantly trying to find different and better material to make their famous bricks from. Their latest research effort was to reuse the plastic from water bottles which is pretty easily recycled. After testing and analysis of the manufacturing method required to change source material it was determined that the plastic Lego uses now is the best plastic for the purpose and the environment.

A one-of-a-kind life-size Lego model of the luxury Ferrari Daytona SP3 sports car has been unveiled at Legoland Windsor to celebrate the launch of the resort’s new attraction. The model of the high-performance ultra-luxury sports car has been constructed using 402,836 Lego bricks, weighs more than 1.5 tons, and is accompanied by a custom-built Lego box. A team of designers and builders took more than 2,000 hours to replicate the luxury car. The model car will be a permanent feature in the garage area of England’s Legoland. Limited numbers of visitors can sit inside the model vehicle and turn the wheel and interact with a dashboard computer simulation of racing the Ferrari. Legoland California also has a Ferrari slightly smaller which was constructed of 358,000 Lego parts. If these cars were ever to crash on the streets it would take forever to get them back together again and everyone would have to wear shoes.

LEGO giggles

Life is like a box of LEGOs, colorful and often stepped on.

What is the most common health concern with Lego Minifigures?
Separation anxiety.

“What did the Lego alien say?”
“I come in pieces.”

Someone keeps dropping off random Lego blocks in front of my door every morning.
I don’t know what to make of it.

A police officer pulled over a Lego man today…
…and when the officer asked the man if he knew why he was being stopped, the Lego man responded, “I bet it’s because I’m block.”

February 20th Birthdays

1991 – Lucy Watson, 1966 – Cindy Crawford, 1929 – Amanda Blake, 1949 – Ivana Trump

1989 – Jack Falaheen, 1978 – Jay Hernandez, 1963 – Charles Barkley, 1983 – Justin Verlander

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