April 11 Humor

 * When my husband and I were first dating, his mother pulled me aside to pay me a compliment. “You know Daniel used to bring home some really beautiful girls and not one of them had a brain in her head. But, from the moment I saw you, I knew you had something upstairs.”

 # A doctor was appearing  as an expert witness on behalf of a man injured in a car accident and was being badgered by an overbearing attorney. “You say doctor, that you are familiar with the symptoms of a brain concussion. Is that correct.”  “Yes it is.”   “Well then doctor please tell me and the jury if you and I were riding in a car and another car struck us at high speed such that our heads were banged together, in your opinion  would we suffer a brain concussion?”   “It is my opinion,” replied the doctor, “that I would and you would not.”

@ Did you hear that they’re starting to make James Bond movies again but now they’ll probably have to use politically correct names for women like, “Brains of plenty.”