April 14 Humor

 * My college roommate came in from his English midterm looking upset. “How did it go?” I asked. Throwing down his book bag, he said, “Does F-A-L-E mean anything to you?”

 # My husband and I often record TV programs and watch them later. One day my son and his expectant wife were over  and my son asked, “If Judy goes to the hospital on superbowl Sunday will you record it for me.”  I protested that I don’t like football and I could not record the game. “No” he replied, “record the delivery.”

 # A student in my math course at college developed a severe case of tendinitis. She couldn’t write, she brought a video camera to tape my lecturers. After three or four classes, I asked her to found the methods satisfactory he said it was working quite well, even better than notetaking. “Actually, she confessed, I have another reason for doing this. I told my mother you were a widower, she wanted to see what you look like.”