April 16 Humor

 * Gus,” said Bill as he ran up to them on the way back to the camp. “Are all the rest of the boys out of the woods yet?”   “Yes,” said Gus. “All six of them? “Yes, all six of them.”   “And they are all safe?” answered Gus, “They are all safe.”   “Then,” said Bill, his chest swelling, “I think I shot a deer.”

# A man from Brooklyn took his wife to the airport at Newark and took her into the terminal for a flight to Buffalo. He fought his way out of the airport,  through the city traffic and wearily ascended the steps to his apartment. When he looked at the computer there was an email for him. It was from his wife saying,” Arrived Safely. Love, Lulu.”

 + A young man returning a library book about movie stars of the silent film era  opened it to a photograph of the Vamp queen Theda Bara and pointed. “Was she really a sex symbol in the 1920’s,” he asked?  “Yes, she was,”  the librarian answered. The teenager studied the photograph. “Boy,” he said finally, “no wonder you people had a depression.”