April 7 – Humor

 My grandfather was sipping a beer when he confessed to me that he drank more than usual the day before. “What is more than usual,” I asked.He responded “A case.” “You can drink a case of beer in a day”? “Well”, he grumbled defensively, “it doesn’t take all day.” # Like many American soldiers stationed in Saudi Arabia I had my picture taken as I sat on a camel. I figured it would be a good souvenir to send home. A few days later, a buddy and I were visiting a local town when we returned to our vehicle, we found two young Saudi’s taking each others pictures sitting on our jeep.

 @ A foursome was putting when on to the green plopped another ball. As it was close to the cup one of the guys swept it in with his foot and smiled at his fellow players. In a few seconds a chubby golfer came puffing up and asked, “Did you see my ball?” The men all smiled and said “yes”. “Where did it go” the sweating man asked. “It went right into the hole.” The fat man was incredulous and looked at the men and then walked over to the hole and sure enough the ball was in there. He picked it up and looked at the ball and looked down the fairway. Then he ran back to his group yelling, “Hey Joe, I got a nine.”