Are your lights on?

Dan Donovan, an 81-year-old former Marine, and his wife Barbara have lived in Niles, IL, for the past 50 years. Dan said that their electric company had contacted them saying that work would be carried out in the neighborhood. So when a man claiming to be from an electric company showed up at their door and asked to get in, they had no reason to doubt him. The masked man said he was there to check on the Donovans’ fuse box. They went to the basement with the “worker.” As soon as they had gone to the basement, two other burglars sneaked into the house through the now unlocked front door. Barbara heard floorboards creaking and yelled, “someone is upstairs”. That’s when Dan grabbed his grandfather’s shillelagh and went swinging, hitting a man carrying a pillowcase on the back of the head. The burglars ran outside – still carrying the one pillowcase. But Dan wasn’t about to let them get away scot-free. Barefooted, he chased the men outside to the SUV they had parked in the Donovans’ driveway. “I managed to get a good swing at the windshield and the rear window. I think I cracked them both,” he said.


Burglars badly beaten

I did a self defense course
I wouldn’t recommend anyone to attack me in slow motion

Someone broke into my house and stole my memory foam mattress.
I lost my Tempur

Three burglars break into a building and are confronted by a soldier, a cop, and a politician.
The politician tells the soldier to kill Burglar #1, and the two stab each other to death.
The politician then tells the cop to arrest Burglar #2, and the two beat each other unconscious.
The politician then walks up to Burglar #3 and says “I just saved your life, your freedom, and tripled your share of the loot. I think 20% is a fair cut.”

Burglars will be the ones his hardest by the corona virus.
Everyone is home, all the time.


November 25th Birthdays

1971 – Christina Applegate, 1960 – Amy Grant, 1969 – Jill Hennessy, 1986 – Katie Cassidy

1997 – Diego Tinoco, 1963 – Kevin Chamberlain, 1967 – Billy Burke, 1996 – Rome Flynn


Morning Motivator

The quality of a man’s life is in direct proportion to his commitment to excellence.


Getting his Irish up

Not quite senile yet