August 23 Humor

* The blushing bride said, “The two best things I cook are meat loaf and apple dumplings.” The new husband asked, “Which is this.”

* A modern mother took her young son grocery shopping with her. As she went through the aisle the boy picked out some nice packages he liked and brought them to the cart. The young mother was heard telling her son, “Oh no, Honey we don’t want that one, you have to cook it.”

# A older lady asked the bus driver to tell her when the Greyhound bus got to Summerville. Then a few minutes later she asked if they were near Summerville yet. The driver replied he would tell her when they got there. As the ride continued the little lady would toddle to the front and asked if they were near Summerville yet, straining the patience of the driver.  Finally, the little lady fell asleep and the bus driver pulled into Summerville and opened the door and put out the little step then woke up the lady. She said “Thank you”. The bus driver asked “Don’t you want to get off Summerville?” Oh no, she replied, “My daughter said that when we go through Summerville I should take my pills”.