Binx saves Oakley

Lane Dyer of Edmond, OK had a nice family with a little dog and a cat they had decided to adopt several years before. “Oakley” is the family’s 6-year-old Havanese dog and Binx is a black cat that likes to lay on top of the garden wall and keep guard of her domain, the back yard.  Oakley was let outside to do her business just like every other day… then security cameras show two coyotes that had been lurking start to attack the little dog. They chomped her leg and started dragging her around.  Binx the cat then quickly jumped to the rescue, giving Oakley enough time to escape, following which the feline scares the wild predators off. “It was the craziest thing ever,” owner Lane said. “[The coyotes] cut her open and she was gushing blood, you know, from her chest and her side,” he added.

“It was inspiring to see. Just our little outdoor cat just pounced at two coyotes that were attacking this little dog who she loves and Binx runs them off,” Lane said. Following the attack, the family rushed the pup to their local vet. Oakley needed a few stitches and had her leg splinted. Veterinarians initially feared she might lose her leg, but the small dog is now well on her way to making a full recovery.

Lane described Binx as “a tough cat” and said, “It was inspiring to see our little outdoor cat jump and chase them off.” He also added that despite being polar opposites in nature, Binx and Oakley get along quite well and share a loving bond. The family found Binx when she was “about two months old.” Binx, the cat loves being outdoors and spends most of her time roaming around the family’s backyard. Lane shared that Binx was raised along with two large breed dogs. WhenBinx was a kitten, the big dogs “would put her in their mouth and just drag her around to play with her,” due to which “she’s never been intimidated or afraid of any animal.” He added, “She just owns her domain.”

Howling Humor

Q: What did the Coyote say when someone stepped on his foot?
A: Aoooowwwwww!

What do you call a Coyote with Stockholm Syndrome?

A Dog. 

Why are coyotes howling in the night?

Because they can only see the cactuses in the day.

Q: What do you get when you cross Fred Astaire and a wolf?
A: Dances with Coyotes.

March 7th Birthdays

1964 – Wanda Sykes, 1974 – Jenna Fischer, 1970 – Jacquelyn Doucette,  1981 – Laura Prepon

1950 – Franco Harris,  1952 – Lynn Swan, 1967 – Bryan Cranston,  1934 – Willard Scott

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