Clean and dry

Three women in Florida decided to take advantage of a Florida highway rest stop to take a shower and “air dry.” A Florida Highway Patrol officer who responded to the call said that when she questioned the naked suspects, the three women said they had been staying at a relative’s house, but left after an argument. Having nowhere else to shower, they said they used soap and water to bathe on the grass outside the rest stop building. The women did get dressed, but then drove away before the questioning had finished. Troopers tracked down the vehicle to a convenience store. One trooper tried to arrest one of the women when she left the store, but her colleague appeared to purposely drive the car at the officer. At the same time, another woman tried to hit the officer with a pink baseball bat. Police eventually stopped the car using spike strips. The women were taken to the Pasco County Jail


Naked Truths

A naked woman walks into a bar and asks for a beer. The bartender stares at her body from head to toe then serves her a beer. She drinks it and asks for another beer. The bartender stares at her for longer and serves her a second beer. The woman again drinks it and asks for a third beer. Then the bartender starts to look at her with an amused expression, until the woman says: – What, have you never seen a naked woman before? — That I have, Miss. I’m wondering where you are keeping the money to pay for the beers.

My husband called and asked if I could be naked before he gets home from work…
…I feel awkward sitting here with his mother, but whatever.

A naked woman robbed a bank
Nobody could remember her face


September 9th Birthdays

1992 – Kelsey Chow, 1969 – Rachel Hunter, 1980 – Michelle Williams, 1966 – Constance Marie

1975 – Michael Buble, 1966 – Adam Sandler, 1949 – Joe Theisman, 1960 – Hugh Grant


Morning Motivator

To bear defeat with dignity, to accept criticism with poise, to receive honors with humility — these are marks of maturity


Clothing optional Rest Stop

Florida leads the country in…