December 11 Humor

* I saw in a Magazine that a Russian claims to have invented a game which closely resembles golf. That must be the game my husband has been playing for years.

* A stranger in a Russian town sat in front of the local store along side a seasoned comrade worker. He asked, “How many people in town have refrigerators?” ‘Oh most of us,’ came the reply. “Televisions?”   “Probably half”   “VCR’s?”  “A few” The man looked at the visitor and said  “You are from America, aren’t you?”  “How did you know” the visitor asked, “I have studied Russian for 10 years and I bought these clothes in Moscow just last week”. The old timer smiled at him and said, “We have no electricity.”

* A visitor asked a native Russian to explain the new government policy of openness or “Perestroika” to him. He said, “Imagine I have two tin pails. One is empty and the other is full of potatoes. I keep pouring the potatoes back and forth from one bucket to the other.” The America asked, “I don’t get it. you keep moving the potatoes around, but nothing has changed.” The wily Russian said, “Ah, but the noise you that it makes, that is Perestroika.”