December 12 Humor

# An American Indian from a reservation in Arizona was visiting Washington, DC. While wandering around the town, was stopped by a local who asked, “How do you like our town?”  “It is all right,” said the Indian. “How do you like our country?”

# There are three major groups in Washington. The Hawks, the Doves, an the largest group of all the Parrots. The parrots don’t know what’s going on the just repeat everything that they hear.

* After an exhausting 12 hour drive to our honeymoon destination in Daytona Beach, Florida my husband and I decided to refresh ourselves with a dip in the motel pool. I must have dropped a few pounds due to pre-wedding jitters because each time I dived into the pool I either lost the top or the bottom of my skimpy new bikini. We had the pool to ourselves, so we just laughed and retrieved the pieces. Later we dressed for dinner went down to the motel restaurant. Waiting for a table we sat in the lounge and ordered drinks. Above the bar was a huge empty glistening fish tank. Curious my husband asked, “Why is such a beautiful fish tank empty?” The bartender grinned from ear to ear as he replied, “that isn’t a fish tank that is the swimming pool.”