December 14 Humor

* It had been a tough time to sell houses and real buyers were few and far between. The agent had a live one with preapproved financing walking around the property and smiling at nearly everything. They walked outside and she pointed out the nice lawn and the flowers and the shed at the back of the property. The client followed the agent as she opened the shed doors saying, “Look at all this space.” As she did, a mouse ran out of the shed followed quickly be a bigger rat, right across the prospects feet. The agent responded with, “And just think what a good time your cat will have here too.”

@ My husband is so excited  when he watches sports on TV. He thinks that if he yells he can help this team. When the score is close he coaches the players from our living room, and if the game is really going badly, I have to get off the phone in case the coach calls looking for advice.

* Two salesman partners Joe and Mike, were stranded by a winter storm. They sought refuge in an old farmhouse occupied by an attractive single woman. In the middle of the night, Joe heard Mike sneak out of bed and into the woman’s room. Joe said nothing about it until nine months later when a registered letter arrived at his office. Holding up the registered letter he walked into Mike’s office. “Do you remember the night we were stranded in a snowstorm and you sneaked out of our room to be with that woman?”  “Yes,” Mike replied “you told her you were me didn’t you? ” Joe demanded. “Yes, I did,” Mike said nervously “Why do you ask?”  “Because,” Joe replied “she just died and left me a fortune.”