December 3 Humor

The young lady had applied to many colleges and asked for scholarships at most of them. She got accepted at the university of Las Vegas and was telling her mother they had awarded her the Las Vegas Strip scholarship. The mother asked, “What exactly did you do to win that scholarship?”

The father of a girl away at college was asked, “What is your daughter going to be when she graduates from school?”    The father thought a minute and said, “From her training so far, I think she will be a great professional fund raiser.”

The astronomy class at the University of Toledo seemed easy at first, but as the quarter progressed, the material got more complicated. One day, a professor with discussing a nebular condensation accretion theory, which explains the formation of our solar system. After an hour of note taking, a classmate put down his pencil with a sigh. “You know, he said, this topic was a lot easier back in Sunday school.”