December 4 Humor

 Boxing coach: “You did a terrible job out there. If I were as big as you, I would be the heavyweight champion of the world.” Boxer: “Why didn’t you become the lightweight champion?”

Edison spent years trying to invent an electrical light bulb. After thousands of failed attempts he ran into the house from his laboratory and up the stars shouting, carrying his invention. He ran into the bedroom of his sleeping wife and exclaimed, “I’ve done it, I’ve done it.” She rolled over, looked at him and said, “Will you please turn that light off and come to bed.”

In Antartica there came a question from a young Polar bear to his dad, “I am 100% Polar Bear?” “Of course son you are all Polar bear. I am 100% Polar bear and my parents were 100% and you mother is pure bred and her parents were purebred Polar Bear as well. Why do you ask?” The baby bear said, “Because I am cold.”