December 5 Humor

 A man stopped at a South Dakota blood bank to make a donation. Afterward, he was resting on a cot and saw another donor, who appeared to be a Native American. The donor struck up a conversation and asked. “Do you live on the Sioux reservation up the road?”  “Yes,” the man replied. “Are you a full-blooded Sioux?”  “Well, actually, no.” said the man. “Right now I am a pint low.”

Do you know how Columbus discovered America? He was drawn to the lights from the Indian casinos.

A dedicated union steward is at a convention in Las Vegas decides to go into a brothel. He asked the madam, “Is this a union house?” “No, it’s not.” “So, how much the girls earn?”  The madam says well, you pay me $100 house gets $80 and  the girl $20.” The man says, “That’s terrible” and he stomps out. Finally, he finds a brothel where the madam says, “Yes, this is a union house.”  The union steward asks, “If I pay $100, what does a girl get?” “She gets $80.” “That’s great” he says, “I’d like Tiffany.” The madam replies,  “I’m sure you would, but Sandra over here has seniority.”