December 7 Humor

* On a long Sunday of football my wife commented that the TV networks must think the average fan is pretty stupid because they have to show the whole game over again with replays. I told her it was not the IQ of the average fan, but at any time during any game somewhere there was a wife walking in front of the TV set during a crucial play.

@ I was stationed in Panama and we had regular infantry patrols and drills in the hot equatorial jungle. We often complained that we could not have a refrigerator in our barracks like the non com’s and the officers. I got orders to transfer to Camp Wainwright in Alaska and the guys kidded me that when I got up there I could find out what happened to our refrigerators in Panama. Sure enough when I got settled into the camp every enlisted barracks had a refrigerator.

# “I see by the paper that the concert you attended last night was a tremendous success.” “Yes, I guess so, I had no idea I was enjoying it so much at the time.”