Duty first

Denmark’s Prime Minister​,​ Mette Frederiksen thought she had finally found a safe date for her wedding, but has now had to postpone it for a third time due to an EU summit. She said Thursday. “I am really looking forward to marrying this fantastic man,” someday. Frederiksen shared a photo of herself and her fiancé Bo. “But obviously it can’t be that easy, and now there is a council meeting in Brussels called, exactly on that Saturday in July when we had planned to marry,” she wrote. “But I have to do my work and take care of Denmark’s interests. So we have to change plans again.​ Will the 4th time be the charm? ​


Delayed Wedding Humor

While we were eating lunch at a local restaurant we were treated to spirited conversation between a mother and her daughter about the girl’s wedding plans. The young woman was complaining that she was the one getting married and she should be able to plan whatever she wanted. “After all” the daughter said “you had your own wedding 23 years ago.”  The mother replied, “No, That was my mother’s wedding.”

As a woman walked down the street, she heard a voice yell out to her. “Stop right now”.  She stopped and looked around and could see no one but as she did a brick fell off the top of the building and crashed to the pavement where she would have been walking. A little further on as she went to cross the street, the same voice yelled out, “Stay on the curb”. In a matter of seconds a runaway beer truck crashed the red light and barely rounded the corner. The woman looked around and asked, “Who are you and why are you protecting me?”  The voice responded. “I am your guardian angel, assigned to protect you. I bet you have some questions for me.”  “I sure do,” rejoined the woman, “Where were you on my wedding day?”

When my parents were crossing into Canada they had to stop at an inspection station. The customs person asked why they were going into Canada. They replied they were going to attend their son’s wedding. The guard asked if they were carrying any firearms.  Dad replied, “it is not that kind of wedding.”

The Ikea owner died, and his funeral was delayed…
They couldn’t figure out the instructions to put his casket together.


June 29th Birthdays

1962 – Sharon Lawrence, 1983 – Lilly Rabe, 1990 – Jasmine Richards

1992 – Kwahi Leonard, 1994 – George Sampson, 1960 – John Elway


Morning Motivator

You can’t BUILD a reputation based on what you are GOING to do.


Is the 4th time the charm?

Delivering on her Danish duty