February 11 Humor

* While visiting someone at the hospital I noticed that most of the young nurses had apple pins on the lapels of their uniforms. Curious, I asked one of the attractive young girls what the pins were for. She explained, “Those pins are just to keep the doctors away.”

* A couple of the guys that worked at the hospital walked into the cafeteria and John slipped on the floor fell down and broke his arm. They called for the paramedics and put him on a gurney and rolled him out of the cafeteria. As he passed the curious diners on the gurney he called out. “It was the Chicken, Don’t eat the chicken.”

@ The new bishop was the guest of honor at the 100th anniversary of the church. He visited the Sunday school and chatted with the children. He asked if any of them knew what a bishop does? Six year old Kevin did not hesitate, but raised his hand and said, “Moves diagonally.”