February 12 Humor

* I was trying to get my husband to lose weight and cut his cholesterol. So nearly every meal had chicken instead of beef and vegetables instead of French fries. We went to the neighborhood restaurant and I looked over the menu for some healthy selections.   My husband piped up and said “Whenever I come here I have the chicken breast”.    Just then the waitress came up and recognized my husband as a regular and said, “I know what you want,” whipping out her pad, “a steak sandwich with French fries.”

* In Washington they have four reasons for doing everything. None of the reasons they give you is the real one.

@ A little old lady being pestered by a politician, finally admitted “Well you’re my second choice.” “I’m honored then Mam,” he gushed, “but may I ask who is your first choice?”  She said casually, “Anybody else who is running.”