February 17 Humor

* Lincoln worked for his education, he walked 12 miles to school and 12 miles back home every day. No matter whether  rain, or snow, or hail. No school bus, no federal lunch program. Man what a lousy PTA that school must have had.

@ A woman made a right hand turn from the left lane and collided with another car. The driver of the other car angrily asked “Why lady didn’t you signal you were going to turn. She did not hesitate for a moment and answered, “Mister, I always turn here.”

@ I had just learned to drive and was bugging my parents to let me drive every chance I could. We went on vacation and I asked Dad to let me drive as the ride would be for hours. Since we were mostly out in the country he assented. While I did pretty well on the straight, open road, we came to a town and the road took a sharp turn. I was not ready for it and ended up in a gas station running into one of their sign stands. I waited for the tirade to come, but my father just took a deep breath and asked, “As long as we are here, does anyone have to go to the bathroom?”