February 20 Humor

@ Maybe rain or sleet or snow will not delay the mail but there are some other factors like lack of faith in the system.  I listened as the man ahead of me was getting forms for temporarily stopping the mail delivery and a change of address. “When you have them filled out,” suggested the postal clerk, “bring them back to the post office personally so they don’t get lost in the mail.”

@ Working at the post office, I’m used to dealing with a moody public, so when one irate customer stormed my desk, I responded with my “calmest” voice, “What’s the trouble?” “I went out this morning”, she began, “and when I came home I found a card saying the mailman tried to deliver a package but no one was home. My husband was in all morning. He never heard a thing.” After apologizing, I got her parcel. “Oh, good”, she gushed. “We’ve been waiting for these for ages.” “What is it?” I asked. “My husband’s new hearing aids.”

* The White House is proposing we collaborate Russia to build a new space station. Do you know what that means? We are going to wind up with a space station that has $30 million toilet and no toilet paper.