February 28 Humor

* My nine year old nephew and I were watching what I thought was a PG movie on TV when suddenly a male character asked a female character, “Why do you work as a lady of the night”? In a sultry voice she replied, “because I like to find $300 on my pillow”. “Wow” my nephew commented. “She must have had a huge Tooth.”

@ Two political candidates were having a heated debate. One man jumped up and yelled at the other: “What about the powerful interests that control you?” And the other guy screamed back, “You leave my wife out of this.”

# For several years, my job was to answer all of your phone calls and mail concerning the daytime television soap operas our company produced. One day a woman called wanting medical advice from an actor who portrayed a doctor on one of the shows. I explained that the man wasn’t a real doctor couldn’t help her. After a moment of shocked silence, the woman replied indignantly, “No wonder he takes his patients months to recover.”