February 29 Humor

* According to Jean Dumond, a wildlife biologist at the Maine departmental of inland fisheries and wildlife, a man once called to request that the deer crossing signs on a road near his home be removed because a number of deer had been hit by cars there. “He wanted the deer crossing signs taken down”, Dumond explained, “because he didn’t want the deer to cross there anymore.”

* Since I rode a bus to work in the early morning and it was often dark when I was picked up at the stop, I came up with a way to be seen.   I put reflectors on my lunch box and wore a bright orange jogger’s vest that had flashing LED’s on it. The next morning the bus went right past me. I ran down to the next stop and caught up with him. I asked, “didn’t you see me?”  The driver replied, “I saw you, but I thought you were a road sign.”