Free at last!

Free at last!

The pent up people of Paris have found a hero. He sneaks around in the middle of the night and performs his devious, liberating work evading police patrols and thousands of prying eyes. And.. Viola! when the sunshine comes constipated apartment dwellers longing for fresh air and space under the quarantine are freed. A man calling himself “Jose” has been liberating quarantined parks in the poorer districts of northern and eastern Paris. As temperatures nudged towards 80 degrees “Jose” has been unlocking the gates of parks at night. Posters hanging from the railings of the Parc de Belleville on Friday said, “Thank you, Jose!” to show that the phantom lock picker has generated a fan following.

Unlocking the funny

I wonder if Houdini ever locked himself out of the house.

Imagine that you’re stuck in a locked room with no windows, no key, no tools, not even a door. How do you get out?
Stop imagining it.

“You can’t find you keys in your purse?” Calling the locksmith might be faster.

As part of the quarantine, my wife has locked me out of the house.