Gunning for fun

The story starts when police began tracing a 17-year-old, when a worker reported seeing a young man steal his wallet from his work truck in Shoreview, just north-east of Minneapolis. Moments later he was charged $577 on his bank credit card as the thief attempted to use it at the town’s branch of Target. Video surveillance footage from the store matched that of a suspect wanted for credit card theft in nearby Lino Lakes and he was recognized by officers from the sheriff’s Carjacking and Auto Theft team. Deputies tracked the teen on Saturday night to what they called a “booze-filled” party at a house that had been rented through Airbnb. The sheriff’s office on its Live on Patrol Facebook page dubbed the situation: “Airbnb becomes dangerous MACHINEGUNBNB.”  The object of their investigation turned up going to a birthday party for a 17 year old at a suburban home that had been rented through AirBnB.

Police called the leasing owner who said the home had a limit of 10 guests with rules against smoking, guns and parties, and frantically asked them to shut it down. Upon arriving, Police found around 50 guests aged between 15 and 21 and ordered them to leave the home, searching them individually for illegal weapons as they emerged. ‘They were advised if they did have guns to keep them in the house and they did.’ dozens of teenagers fled a booze-filled party. The teenaged partiers exited and police went inside to check for damage and signs of illegality. Inside the officers found the horrific haul of weapons all around the single-story house despite the boys attempts to hide them. Seven of the lethal weapons had been modified with ‘auto sears’ to become fully automatic. ‘When you pull the trigger, it basically dumps out all the rounds that are in the gun,’ he explained. ‘And many of the guns had extended magazines, so for example, one of those guns could shoot 33 rounds in two seconds. ‘It not only makes it an illegal machine gun, but it’s highly dangerous because you can’t aim.” Some had been stuffed into backpacks or behind TVs, others had been hidden behind walls or in roof spaces. One was inside a McDonald’s bag on a kitchen counter, and another was inside an edition of the children’s board game ‘Heads Up!’ Others were found stuffed into walls and roof spaces in a bid to avoid detection. What’s most concerning, Sheriff Mike Martin says, is that the teens were posing with the guns on social media that night. ‘We think if we hadn’t shown up at that time there might actually have been a shooting or someone from a rival group might have come and shot up the house. “This is especially concerning to us because several of the party attendees are part of a ‘group’ that has enemies.” The sheriff’s office is trying to piece together where the guns came from, who brought them to the party on Saturday and whether they were used in past crimes.

But the only person arrested was the 17-year-old who “went from five-star Airbnb accommodations to the county jail,” the sheriff’s office wrote on Facebook, and he has been charged with financial transaction fraud over the credit card theft. “The best part is we got 11 guns off the street that won’t shoot somebody, kill somebody, be used for robbery or anything else. A spokesman for Airbnb said its safety team had removed the 17-year-old from its platform.

Air Bn Be Careful

So I was browsing the computer for an Air BnB when……I found one which said that the apartment had a “View to the future.” I called the guy, and apparently, you could see the cemetery through the front window.

The walls of our rental were so thin I once asked my wife a question and got four different answers.

A group of American tourists were visiting a castle in England. The guide explained that the castle was exactly as it had been 600 years ago. Nothing had been changed, removed and added to the building. One lady remarked, “They must have the same landlord that I have.”
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Children keep getting mixed signals. As a kid they’re told not to talk to strangers, then as an adult they are paying strangers money to stay in their house.

Where can you find the lowest priced rentals for your vacation? Bed Bugs and Beyond.

October 25th Birthdays

1990 – Mia Wasikowska, 1973 – Persia White,  1995 – Chloe Rose, 1984 – Katy Perry

1972 – Adam Goldberg, 1998 – Keean Johnson, 1972 – Craig Robinson, 1940 – Bobby Knight

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If we chase perfection we can catch excellence.

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