Hamburgers and more

An 8 year old boy who lived outside of Cincinnati wanted a cheeseburger. His parents were not interested, but he was determined. So  when they took a nap he took to the computer and watched a couple of videos about learning to drive and went to McDonalds driving himself and his 4 year old sister. He took some cash from his piggy bank and drove the family car to McDonalds without hitting anyone or anything. At first the window clerk thought it was a joke with the parents in the back seat, but there was no one there. He called police, who brought the children into the restaurant to straighten things out. In the restaurant happened to be a friend of the children’s grandparents so they got home with Dad driving. The children did eat their Cheeseburgers while they waited.

A grown up man had a different experience at the drive through in Hermitage, Tennessee. His wife drove and they ordered breakfast at the window. When he got the bag, he looked inside and instead of the breakfast burritos he found a big pile of cash. That was the location’s bank deposit money. A presumably panicked employee quickly discovered the mistake and was able to run outside catch up with the couple who willingly returned the cash. She and her husband got a laugh out of the mix up, but added there was no hesitation in handing it back over. “There is no other way to have it,” she said. “I couldn’t live with myself.”

On the TV program “Adult Swim” is a cartoon titled Rick and Marty. In one of the cartoon segments they discover a time capsule that has McDonald’s Szechuan sauce from a Mulan promotion in 1999. The sauce became on running joke in the series as a way to poke fun at co-creator Justin Roiland’s love for the sauce. McDonalds then teased the cartoon and offered the sauce for just one day as a promotional stunt trying to build on the popularity of the cartoon. Little did they know that Rick and Marty fans would get very, very emotional about getting the Szechuan sauce from the past. The day after the promotion customers ended many young customers took missing thew sauce very personally.  The video below shows the depth of pain caused to one boy by not getting what he saw on TV.

Hamburger humor

If bartenders are not allowed to sell beer to drunk people,
then why are McDonalds clerks allowed to sell hamburgers to fat people.

I ordered 4 drinks at McDonald’s…..
so they wouldn’t think all 50 chicken nuggets were for me.

I went to McDonalds for the first time since the Covid lockdown and sat in my car for 40 minutes before the girl in the drive-thru finally convinced me it was safe to roll down my window. 

What do you call a man who became fat from eating too much McDonald’s?
Big Max

January 26th Birthdays

1953 – Lucinda Williams, 1958 – Anita Baker, 1964 – Cathy Podewell, 2009  – Suleman octuplets born

1967 – Vince Carter, 1961 – Wayne Gretzky, 1981 – Colin O’Donoghugh, 1925  – Paul Newman

Morning Motivator:

Success is how much you bounce back once you hit bottom.

It is all happening at McDonalds

He really, really wanted Szechuan sauce