I almost won

Dawn Sagar, of Shropshire, England sat down one evening and opened a bag of Walker’s potato chips. The English call them “crisps.” As she munched and watched TV, she noticed that one of the potato chips had an amazingly perfect heart shape. At first, she put it aside and thought this might be something to share online. So Dawn sent a picture of the unique shaped chip to her girlfriends from her phone. Her friends reportedly responded to the picture that Dawn had shared with them, but they were apparently not quick enough. “It wasn’t until they messaged me back saying not to eat it due to the competition, that I knew anything about it and had already eaten the crisp.” Sagar was unaware of the contest at the time. The chip could have made Sagar the winner of the “Heart Shaped Crisp Hunt” – a contest hosted by Walkers. In a press release shared by Walkers, the chip company is giving away £100,000, which is equivalent to $120,000, to whomever finds the “best heart shaped crisp in their Walkers packet of crisps.” “Big hearts, small hearts, bubbly hearts, crispy hearts – we want to see them all!,” the press release states. The lucky winner has a set of requirements that must be followed in order to be eligible. For instance, the chip in question must be shaped like a symmetrical heart. Dawn’s chip could have been a perfect match. Since Sagar ate the snack before submitting it to the competition, she is not eligible for the prize.

Dawn is apparently not the only UK resident to miss out on this cash prize. Last month, an Englishman shared a TikTok video documenting “What I Eat In A Day,” and while enjoying a bag of Walkers chips, he can be seen eating a heart-shaped chip. He then asked TikTok users to tag Walkers in hopes to “sort the situation out.” Walkers says both the crisp and the packet need to be kept to be eligible for the prize. “My initial reaction was that it wasn’t anything to worry about really, as I’d eaten the crisp and that was that,” Dawn shared. A Walkers representative told the BBC that Dawns still has more chances to win, the competition is still going on so “all is not lost.”

Dawn handled the loss very adultly, but she was not the most disappointed person living a regular life. The winning ticket for a $26 million lottery drawing in California appears to have gone down the drain. When midnight struck Thursday night on the Pacific Coast, the deadline passed for someone to claim the SuperLotto Plus prize from the California Lottery. The ticket was purchased for the Nov. 14 drawing, and under lottery regulations, players have 180 days to claim their prize. In the week leading up to the February 14th deadline, the California Lottery issued a press release and went on social media in search for the one winning ticket. The ticket was sold at an ARCO AM/PM convenience store in Los Angeles County. While the store had surveillance video showing the woman buying a ticket, a lottery spokesperson told CNN the footage would not be enough to verify that it’s the winning ticket. According to KCBS, store workers said a woman came to the store in Norwalk and said she had the winning ticket, but it was illegible, the ticket was ruined when it was inadvertently run through the laundry. Before claiming a prize, the lottery recommends that people take a picture of both sides of the winning ticket and retain a copy of the claim form. That would serve as evidence of possession.

Almost winning whimsies

On the way home from a shopping trip with my sister, I remember that I had not purchased my lottery tickets for the Saturday night drawing. I suggested we stop at the first lottery retail we spotted, and she go in and get the tickets for me. “Why don’t we save some time?” She responded. “You drive by and I’ll just throw the money out the window.” 

“I’ve created a new computer that is almost human.”
“You mean that it can think, feel and reason just like a human would?”
“No, but when it makes a mistake, it blames it on another computer.”

Once I was almost in love with a psychic.
She left me before we met.

I got pulled over for speeding by a woman police officer and almost talked my way out of it by telling her she looked stunning. Then I messed up by saying…
“And that’s not even the booze talking!”

March 7th Birthdays

1964 – Wanda Sykes, 1908 – Anna Magnani, 1970 – Jacquelyn Doucette,  1981 – Laura Prepon

1950 – Franco Harris,  1952 – Lynn Swan, 1967 – Bryan Cranston,  1934 – Willard Scott

Morning Motivator:

The sky has never been the limit. We are our own limits.

Better luck next time