January 10 Humor

* A courtroom exchange in a McKinney, Texas:

DA: “I believe the law is common sensical and this case can be settled on common sense”.

Defense lawyer: “Your honor I am going to object to that remark. I believe that the court will instruct the jury what the law is and common sense is nowhere in the law.”

@ We visited Oregon’s Crater Lake National Park and watched the movie at the visitor’s center of the way the lake was created by volcanic action. As we were leaving I over heard two women discussing the presentation. One lady said, “Imagine this all happened 7000 years ago.”  Her lady friend, “Yes and just think, they were here to take pictures of it.”

@ When my brother Tom bought a new sailboat, he filled out an application for boat insurance. He was asked questions about the boat and himself and was instructed to include a recent photo. He and his wife sifted through a  stack of snapshots and selected one they felt appropriate. Not long after sending in the form, Tom received a letter from the insurer: “Dear Sir, thank you for sending the fine photo of yourself. We do admire your mustache. Now, could you send is an equally appealing picture of the vessel we are to insure?”