January 13 Humor

@ One day as I got into the elevator, I was joined by an elderly woman. She seemed friendly and made a few chatty remarks as we started upward. “I’m 91,” she told me.  ‘I can hardly believe it!” I exclaimed in congratulations. She gave me a withering look and replied, “I’m apartment 91.”

@ An old European monastery is high upon a cliff that looks over the river. The only way in or out is a primitive elevator basket. The tourists sit in the basket and the monks pull it up and down with a big rope. Halfway up a tourist asked the monk, “How often do they replace the rope?” The monk in charge said, “they replace the rope when it breaks.”

@ On his first trip to the top of the Empire State building a small boy stood quietly by his father as the elevator kept going: up, up and up. Finally he looked at his father and asked, “Dad, does God know we’re coming?”