January 13 Humor

* The year before my son turned 18, he constantly pleaded to be allowed to have a Tattoo, but I refused to sign permission for one. He argued that he soon would be a man and able to make adult decisions. Sure enough, after his 18th birthday he came home with a tattoo. Although I was not happy about this, I was curious to see what symbol of masculinity he had chosen. He showed me there on his shoulder was a 2 inch image of Mickey Mouse.

@ One day as I got into the elevator, I was joined by an elderly woman. She seemed friendly and made a few chatty remarks as we started upward. “I’m 91,” she told me. 
“I can hardly believe it!” I exclaimed in congratulations. She gave me a withering look and replied, “I’m apartment 91.”

# Standing in the park yesterday, I was wondering why frisbees look bigger and bigger the closer they get. Then it hit me.