January 14 Humor

@ The guilt ridden husband approached his wife, breaking the long silence after an argument. “You know dear I have been thinking over our argument.” “Well?” she snapped, looking away from the TV. He meekly replied, “I have decided to admit I was wrong and agree with you,” She said, “That will not do you any good, I have changed my mind.”

@ George was a regular at the bar and this evening he was particularly morose as he leaned over his whiskey.  A buddy asked, “George, what in the world is the matter with you?”  “Oh, I am having troubles with my wife,” said George. “What happened,” queried the buddy. “She got mad over something and told me she would not speak to me for 30 days.”  His friend said, “Oh that happens in every marriage.” George nodded sadly and explained, “today is the last of those 30 days.”

@ I would kill for a Nobel peace prize.