January 20 Humor

* I was stationed in Panama and we had regular infantry patrols and drills in the hot equatorial jungle. We often complained that we could not have a refrigerator in our barracks like the non com’s and the officers. I got orders to transfer to Camp Wainwright in Alaska and the guys kidded me that when I got up there I could find out what happened to our refrigerators in Panama. Sure enough when I got settled into the camp every enlisted barracks had a refrigerator.

@ Ron Tommer gained the reputation of as one of the best roller coaster designers in the world. He spent decades figuring ways to bend, scare, race and twist people at break neck speeds. Tommer however does not ride Roller Coasters. He has a problem with motion sickness.

# Women’s liberation will not have been achieved until: A woman can become paunchy and bald and still think she’s attractive to the opposite sex.   We read about an absent minded woman driving away and forgetting her husband at the gas station.   There are as many men as there are women rushing home from work to prepare dinner.