January 6 Humor

* One of my roommates at the University was doing a term paper on liquors and their affect on people. One evening, while doing research he took a bicycle over to a liquor store. When he entered the store He didn’t think to remove his helmet, which had a headlight mounted on the front . When he asked the fellow behind the counter for a list of the liquors, the clerk replied, “I’m not allowed to serve miners.”

@ “You think so much of your old golf game that you don’t even remember our wedding day” she complained. He rebutted, “Of course I do, my dear, it was the morning I sank that 30 foot putt on #17 at Grey Hawk.”

@ After the honeymoon the groom felt compelled to come clean with his new bride. He explained, “I am sorry, but I am a golf nut and you will never see me at home on the weekends when it is golf season”. His wife took this in stride and volunteered, “I also have confession to make, I am a hooker.”  The groom replied jovially, “that is no big deal, Just keep your head down and your left arm straight.”