January 7 Humor

@ George Burns punctuated this story with a flick of his cigar. A woman said to me, “Is it true you still go out with young girls?”   I said “Yes, it’s true.”  she asked “Is it true that you still smoke 15 or 20 cigars a day?”  I said, “Yes that’s true.” She said, “Is it’s true that you still take a few drinks every day?”   I said, ” Yes, it’s true.”  She asked what does your doctor say about this?”   I said, “he’s dead.”

@ According to George Burns: it’s easier to make a paid audience laugh. They get dressed up and put on a tie and get in their cars to come and see you. They pay so much that they like you  no matter what you do. The audience that doesn’t pay is very critical.

* My new secretary presented a letter for me to sign near the end of the day. Unfortunately, I found a mistake in it. I signed it and gave back to her anyway to be mailed, but she did not want to have it go out that way and reran the letter. When I came back to the office, there was the letter with a post-it note on it marked “Please Resign.”