July 11 Humor

“Well old timer tell me please what do you attribute your great health to?”  The old Farmer leaned back and replied,  “I reckon I had a good start on most people because I was born before germs were discovered and thereby had a lot less to worry about.”

@ A robbery duo  in Michigan entered a record store and spastically waved their pistols around. The first robber shouted, “Nobody move.” In a second, in the corner of his eye he noticed a motion, he turned and fired shooting his fidgety partner.

* A marine recruiter stopped in a little southern town and noticed that on several trees there were targets painted with bullet holes dead center. Being curious he looked around and sure enough there were similar bull’s-eyes on junk cars and old buildings. He decided this marksman might be a good candidate for the marines. He asked about the shooter and was directed to the town fool. Incredulously, he asked how did you learn to shoot so straight? The fool answered, “It is easy I just shoot first and then paint the targets afterward.”