July 17 Humor

* Victims of a home robbery in Riverview, Florida. Easily picked out Shawn Roberts from police photos. Turns out, there aren’t too many other people with a map of Florida tattooed on their face. Roberts is still pleading not guilty.

@ When we were talking about my upcoming trip to Disneyland, one of my coworkers said she would love to live there. Just imagine living in a castle and being awakened every morning by the kiss of a handsome prince. I smiled and shrugged saying, “This happens to my wife every morning.”   “Every morning” she questioned, “and you allow it?”

@ As a worker at Walt Disney world in Florida one of my jobs was to empty the garbage cans in front of the castle several times a day. One afternoon as I dumped the barrel into my cart I heard a little girl ask her mother, “Who is that lady?”

The mother thought for a minute and answered “Why Honey, that must be Cinderella.”