July 7 Humor

* The Police Station had been quiet for most of the week . Things were so slow that detectives were playing cards to pass the time.  “What a life,” grumbled one of the officers, “no fights, no thefts,  no drunks, no murders, nothing.”   “Now rest easy Mike,” said the captain, “things will break soon. You got have more faith in human nature”.

* The detective questioned the burglar,”You admit having broken into the same dress shop four times. What did you steal?”   “Just a dress for my wife, but she made me change it three times”.

@ An American tourist stopped at an Inn in a small French village and ordered a couple of scrambled eggs for lunch. Afterward he noted that with astonishment that he had been charged five dollars a piece for the eggs and asked, “Are eggs scarce here?” ” No, Monsieur”, said the innkeeper. “Eggs are plentiful. But Americans, they are scarce”.