June 11 Humor

 * The captain and the chief engineer argued about who was more important to the ship, they decided they would swap places to find out. After a couple of hours, the captain emerged from the engine room completely covered with oil and sweat, and confronted the engineer on the bridge. “Chief”, he yelled, wildly waving a wrench, “You have to come down, I can’t make her go”. “Of course you can’t”, replied the chief. “She’s aground.”

 @ Women’s liberation will not have been achieved until a woman can become paunchy and bald and still think she’s attractive to the opposite sex. We read about an absent minded woman driving away and forgetting her husband at the filling station. There are as many men as there are women rushing home from work to prepare dinner.

 @ A coworker stormed into my friend’s office yelling, “Did you tell Joan I was a witch?” Stunned, my friend sputtered, “No, I don’t know how she found out.”