June 19 Humor

 * Father was berating his son for not wanting to do his homework again: “Why when Abraham Lincoln was your age he walked 10 miles to school everyday and did his homework by the light of the fire in his cabin”. The son replied, “When John Kennedy was your age he was president’.

 * Chad was at the great awkward age when he could go to dances with girls, but could not drive. So for one event his father volunteered to take him and the girl to the dance. Chad gave him strict instructions: not to look in the back seat and not to talk to him or the girl while the dad was driving. So they pulled into the girl’s circular driveway and Chad got out and brought the young lady to the car. Dad did not look or say a word. The car door opened and then the car door closed and the dad pulled away never looking at the girl or the back seat. He had driven a couple of blocks toward the school when the young lady tapped him on the shoulder and said: “Pardon me, but Chad did not have time to get around the car and in the other side, you left him in my driveway,  back there.”

 @ This morning I read an article that said watching TV can lead to attention deficit disorder, it also said that watching TV can lead to attention deficit disorder.