June 20 Humor

 * Zeke asked Buck, “Were you ever married.”  “Sure was, but my wife ran away on me.”  “How did that happen.” She ran away while I was taken a bath.” Zeke offered. “I bet she waited a long time for that opportunity.”

 @ A Texan died and went to the pearly gates. After a few day in heaven his bragging was getting on everyone’s nerves. No matter where he went in paradise he always said Texas had something better. Finally, Saint Peter took him to the edge of heaven and pointed straight down into the fiery depths of hell and asked, “Do you have something like that in Texas?” “No sir,” the oilman replied, “but we have some guys down in Houston who can put it out.”

 # The husband said,  “I am pretty handy around the house. When it comes to the common repairs I can  take care of them myself and save us a lot of money.”  The wife asked, “Then why is it when I turn the hot water on the kitchen lights go dim?”