June 22 Humor

 * I’m not going to say the election was rigged, winner got votes from three out of every two registered voters.

 @ One morning a couple approached the observation tower on top of Mount Mitchell in North Carolina. She asked the park ranger “Can you help me? I’ve looked all around to find the highest peak East of the Mississippi and all  the mountaintops seem to be lower than this one.”   The ranger told her, ” You’re standing on the highest peak.” She thought for a minute and replied, “but of course, how silly of my husband.”

 * A farmer was detained for questioning about election fraud. “Did you sell your vote?” The US attorney asked. “No sireee, not me”, the farmer protested. “I voted for that there fella cause I liked him”. “Come on, now”, threatened the attorney, “I have video evidence that he gave you 20 dollars”. “Well now”, the farmer said. “it’s plain common sense that when a fella gives you 20 dollars you’re gonna like ’em”.