June 27 Humor

 # You know your child is watching way too much TV when they are asked what sound a duck makes and they say “AFLAC”.

 @ Congressman addressing the House of Representatives: “Never before have I heard such ill-informed, wimpy, backstabbing drivel as you as that just uttered by my respected colleague, the distinguished gentleman from Ohio”.

 * For about three weeks I owed my friend George $25. All the time I had the money on me; but he did not know it. We’re walking out of a club in New York City, at about 2:30 in the morning and we got held up. The thief said, “Give me all your dough”. I said, “Wait one minute, George here is the $25 I owe you”. Then the thief took $1000 of his own money and he gave it to George. At gunpoint he made me borrow the thousand dollars from George.