June 5 Humor

 * “What happened to that boyfriend of yours Joan”?  “Oh Ginger, he lost all his money in the stock market. That’s too bad, You must feel sorry for him.”   “I do, he will miss me terribly”.

 @ An Irish lad named Sean was doing so well with his furniture business that he decided to take a trip to France. When he returned to Ireland, his friend Brendan asked him, “Why did you go to France and you not speaking a word of the language? How could you make yourself understood”?    “Let me tell you”, said Sean “I met this lass in the park. I drew a picture of plates and food, and so we went out to eat. After drawing a picture of people dancing, we went to a nightclub. “At midnight, could you imagine, she took my pen and drew a picture of the bed”.   “Faith and Begoura” exclaimed Brendan. “How did she know you were in the furniture business?”

 * John was a well to do widower in his 60’s and his friends were surprised to learn he had married a girl in her 20’s.

“John how did you get such a young girl to marry you?”

“I lied about my age. I told her I was 83.”