June 6 Humor

 @ The taxpayer received a strongly worded “Second Notice” that his taxes were overdue the letter outlined all the legal penalties he could suffer. He called the tax office and apologized that he had forgotten about the taxes and must have mislaid the “first notice”. The clerk chuckled and admitted we don’t have a first notice. “We found the “second notices” get a lot more attention.”

 @ Eating at a sidewalk café in California our waitress looked like a real surfer girl: Long bond hair, a great tan and athletic build. The girl waitied as my wife mulled over the menu then asked the waitress, “Is the roast beef rare?”  The girl replied, “Well No. We have it, like every day.”

 * Isn’t it really wonderful the way they keep trying to update those old movies, next year they’re going to make Frankenstein again with a nude scene.