Lego thieves driven by Trainspotting

Let’s start with the admission that Japanese people are different from the people we have in the US. Their people can be really, really intense about their hobbies and that sometimes leads to fist fights and loud arguments over issues we would not even think about. So it is that some very intense Train spotting “toritetsu” a subset of train otaku (fanciers) who enjoy taking photographs of rolling stock got into bigger trouble than arguing about who gets the best position on the train platform to take the best picture of the train.  Lego’s are credited by many people in Japan as the secret to making intelligent, creative children. Parents and psychological professionals say that having your child (both boys and girls) play and build freehand with Lego’s makes their minds so strong they can get into the best colleges. This makes Lego sets and loose Lego blocks very valuable to parents and children.

You have some very aggressive Train Spotting photographers that often bock subway and train platforms to fight over the best picture. They frustrate and aggravate commuters and many more Japanese people ride the rains every day than in America. Police have been called to train stops to arrest the “toritetsu” who have been fighting among themselves and even with passengers who are eager to get on the train in the few minutes the train is stopped in their station. So…the saga developed that three toritetsu were arrested by police after they were discovered as a gang that was cleaning out retail stores of large Lego sets. They would steal the boxes and then fence them to eager parents at a discount to make money to buy equipment to take more exotic pictures of the trains coming and going from the stations. This group got too comfortable cleaning out one store and the staff recognized the Legomaniacs. The thief got away on his third trip to the store one day, but police were able to make the plate of the car. The Tokyo Metropolitan Police took the alleged Lego Kid, 24-year-old Naoto Daitoku, into custody for the theft of 12 toys. They also arrested two accomplices aged 19 and 17. Many commuters rejoiced that some of the rowdy trainspotters got sent to jail.  Commuters asked about the arrest commented:

“Just when you thought the reputation of toritetsu couldn’t get any worse.”

“What’s wrong with you if you’re compelled to steal in order to take pictures of trains?”

“At least that’s three more toritetsu off the platforms.”

Some of the train companies and train stations have tried to move the toritetsu off the platforms by creating special separate porches that allow better creative views of the workings of the train equipment.

Putting LEGO jokes together

Did you hear about LEGO mini figures protesting?
Block Lives Matter!

So I was at Legoland the other day and I saw a couple making out
I thought it was inappropriate so walked up to them and said
“Come on guys, this is Legoland. Build a room.”

Every morning, I find that someone has left a bunch of LEGO blocks on my front porch.
I don’t know what to make of it.

Steal a man’s wallet and he will be broke for a week.
Give a man a Lego passion and he will be broke for a lifetime.

July 1st Birthdays

1961 – Princess Diana,  1978 – Liv Tylor, 1983 – Hilary Burton,  1990 – Hanna Murray

1952 – Dan Akroyd, 1963 – Andre Braugher, 1872 – Louis Bleriot, 1961 – Carl Lewis

Morning Motivator:

You are, at this moment, standing,
right in the middle of your own “acres of diamonds.”

It is good to have a hobby…but