March 26 Humor

* “Eat your spinach young man, think of all the children starving all around the world who would love to have spinach like you get.”  The smart boy responded, “Name two.”

@ In our class on major american writers at Peace College in Raleigh, N.C., we often viewed movies made from novels. One night, a classmate arrived a half-hour late and sat down next to me. Trying to catch up, on what she had missed, she pointed at the actors on the screen and asked, “Which one is Moby Dick?”

# As a woman walked down the street, she heard a voice yell out to her. “Stop right now..  She stopped and looked around and could see no one, but as she did a brick fell off the top of the building and crashed to the pavement were she would have been walking. A little further on as she went to cross the street, the same voice yelled out, “Stay on the curb.”  In a matter of seconds a runaway beer truck crashed the red light and barely rounded the corner. The woman looked around and asked, “Who are you and why are you protecting me?”  The voice responded. “I am your guardian angel, assigned to protect you. I bet you have some questions for me.”  “I sure do,” rejoined the woman, “Where were you on my wedding day?”