March 7 Humor

* A woman made a right hand turn from the left lane and collided with another car. The driver of the other car angrily asked “Why lady didn’t you signal you were going to turn?”  She did not hesitate for a moment and answered, “Mister, I always turn here.”

* When my friend spotted a blind man and his guide dog at a crosswalk, she stopped her car and waved them on. “Oh, Cynthia”, I said, “he can’t see you. “I know that,” she said indignantly. “I was waving the dog on.”

@ Some months ago I saw a man on a bus stop bench meticulously breaking up an obviously expensive loaf of bakery whole wheat bread and tossing pieces to the pigeons. I was curious enough to ask him, “Why feed them bakery whole wheat bread?” He answered very seriously, “everybody gives them white bread or cake. This way they’ll remember me.”